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Partnerships And Affiliations

Chetu prides itself on having holistic industry and technological expertise to create, integrate, and deploy truly superior custom software solutions with AI integrations for our clients. To accomplish this goal, Chetu has cultivated a vast ecosystem of partnerships with industry and technology leaders.

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Block of Hours Support Services

Chetu offers technical and non-technical support services for our partner products. Services are sold per 100 Block of Hours with reduced rates contingent on hours purchased. Our lowest rates are attained when utilizing our full-time, dedicated resource(s) for setup, administration, customizations, integrations, and much more.

Chetu's Strategic Partner Network

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Partnering with Chetu provides you access to world-class technology and industry experts to help you provide superior service to your customers while providing additional revenue to you.

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tools and technologies

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project tasks

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your own IP

Supplement your team with
our expert resources

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Expertise with Industry-Specific Associations

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Partnerships and Affiliations Frequently Asked Questions

A Chetu Partner is a firm or individual who is committed to working with Chetu across multiple sales channels to deliver quality software solutions to business partners.

Becoming a Chetu Partner unlocks exclusive access to Chetu's full suite of services. Partners will have access to Chetu's technical know-how, strong project management skills and experienced teams, in addition to a range of incentives and benefits.

Partners must complete an online application, provide a business profile, company information, and a business plan.

A Chetu Reseller is a company or individual who offers Chetu software solutions and services to companies and other organizations. Chetu provides custom software development services such as IT solutions, mobile applications, cloud computing, software engineering, and more. These services are aimed to secure, streamline and transform businesses worldwide. Chetu is a global leader in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for a broad scope of industries.

  1. Increased margin potential – As a Chetu reseller, you can set the retail price for products and services that you resell, and gain increased margins.

  2. Access to Chetu's expert team – As a partner with Chetu, you have access to our team of experienced professionals who specialize in custom software development services.

  3. Access to Chetu solutions – Access advanced technology recommendations and turnkey solutions from Chetu.

  4. Flexible service delivery – Chetu's delivery model allows you to provide customized pre- and post-launch services as per the needs of your clients.

  5. Ongoing support and training – Receive training and support services from Chetu throughout the reseller process.

  6. Competitive advantage – With Chetu solutions, you can provide your customers with cutting edge software and services, giving them an added advantage over their competitors.

Chetu provides customers with technical support and expertise throughout the development process. Our team of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts advise customers on the best strategies for achieving success. We also provide access to our industry-leading Chetu technology network and data science tools.

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