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eDiscovery software development refers to the creation of software tools that can assist in the process of electronic discovery, which involves identifying, collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing electronic data as part of a legal case or investigation. Chetu provide custom solutions to automate and accelerate your eDiscovery process. We program custom features to streamline legal teams eDiscovery workflow.

Custom eDiscovery Software Development

Our Software Engenieers provide custom development of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) software including computer forensics (cyberforensics) tools for litigation support. Chetu provides custom development of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) software including computer forensics (cyberforensics) tools for litigation support.

eDiscovery Platform Development

Chetu provide best eDiscovery, tailored to a client's specific needs and requirements, applications for cloud and platforms for the identification, data collection, processing, review, and production of ESI (electronically stored information) in response to legal requests or investigations.

Data Preservation Programming

Our developer’s program data preservation including archival, audit trails, digital copies, conversions to native / PDF / TIFF files, and more.

Document Storage

We integrate with electronic document management and content management systems, such as DocuLex, Summation, and Concordance. We import .zip files and email attachments as separately converted documents within the conversion database.

Custom Workflow Programming

We program Electronically Stored Information (ESI) sources with data identification, preservation, collection, processing, document review, and production workflows, as well as engineering data transfer mechanisms for collection functions.

Data Processing Solutions

We program document indexing, full text/metadata extractions, native file loading, topic clustering, and other data processing functions for legal practices.

Analytics Features

We program case analytics features, including support for analyzing databases, images, audio, video, text, email, malware, and other data types, as well as data trends analysis, insights, and reporting.

Document Reporting

Chetu automatically converts documents in batch mode to TIFF Group 4 or Group 3 Black and White compressed file formats. We automate the sequential stamping of scanned or electronically converted TIFF images and place a sequential number onto every TIFF page generated.

Features and Solutions

We develop feature-rich, robust, and scalable eDiscovery solutions for law firms.

Data Review Platforms

We develop data review platforms including custom queries programming, parsing features (Boolean, grammar-based, statistical, keyword-based), custom filters, tags, batch processing, and collaboration capabilities.

Intelligent Data Capture Solutions

We incorporate intelligent data capture solutions, including Barcode Recognition (BCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Forms Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), regular expression, and discussion threads recognition.

Data Identification Functions

We engineer data identification functions including data mapping, custom filters, deduplication (dedupe), deNIST, document, data uploading, document rendering, document formatting, file type verifications, language detection, and more.

Data Production Solutions

We engineer data production solutions that incorporate load file sharing, file conversions, downloadable templates, and other features that support multiple file formats (DOC, PDF, XLS, TIFF, etc.).

Legal Discovery Compliance Management

We program legal discovery compliance management software with functions that check if there is any conflict of interest present in a legal case.

Legal Holds Software

We develop legal holds software including compliance portals, custodian identification, interviews, hold notifications, reminders, and other features.

eDiscovery Software Process

Our eDiscovery Document Processing Tools and Services

We design custom eDiscovery tool for litigation support professionals to capture, search, and process electronic documents.

Post-review Case Building Tools

  • Organize timelines and link exhibits

  • Create instant document treatments for presentation

  • Manage all your depositions and track designations

  • Review and tag transcripts and video testimony

  • Custom redaction and labeling tools

  • Google translate integration

Produce Export and Share Files

  • Quickly request team files

  • Securely exchange electronic evidence with team members

  • Filter and search for multiple keywords and filtered criteria

  • Produce files to opposing counsel members

  • Add new log entries whenever a document is marked as “privileged”

  • Control all secure access permissions directly from your dashboard

eDiscovery Document Processing

We Integrate with Industry Leading eDiscovery Tools



CaseFleet is a legal case management software that collects key pieces of evidence, case facts, witness information, and other relevant issues on an intuitive interface.

Discovery Assistant

Discovery Assistant

We leverage Discovery Assistant because it’s designed specifically for litigation support, capturing, searching, and processing electronic documents quickly.



Everlaw is a cloud-native eDiscovery solution and litigation management software that allows users to collaborate with one another on a secure platform.



LexisNexis offers comprehensive litigation management solutions that provides a seamless chain of custody throughout the discovery process.



Logikcoll is a cloud-based system that facilitates the management of the legal discovery process. With this system, you are able to drag and drop files and generate discovery productions all in a unified, single, and secure system.



Nextpoint is a cloud-based, SaaS ediscovery software that is used by corporations, law firms, and governments to aim control and command electronically.



Relativity is cloud-based eDiscovery software that offers case assessment, fact management, review, production, analytics and legal hold functionalities within a suit



Sightline is an eDiscovery platform that supports eDiscovery. Support your entire eDiscovery workflow, oversee your project portfolio, upload and process your data’s, and create your projects using Sightline.

Frequent Asked Question about eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery software assists in the electronic discovery process, which involves identifying, collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing electronic data as part of a legal case or investigation.

Using eDiscovery software can help streamline the electronic discovery process, reduce costs, and improve data review and analysis accuracy and efficiency.

Data processing software collects and prepares electronic data for review, including tasks such as data extraction, filtering, and de-duplication.

Predictive coding software uses machine learning algorithms to identify relevant documents and prioritize them for review, which can help speed up the review process and reduce costs.

AI can help streamline the eDiscovery process by automating tasks such as data processing, document review, and privilege review, which can reduce costs and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the review process.

AI in eDiscovery software includes predictive coding, clustering, and concept searching. Predictive coding uses machine learning algorithms to identify and prioritize relevant documents for review. Clustering groups similar documents together to help streamline the review process. Concept searching uses natural language processing to identify related concepts and terms in electronic data.

eDiscovery software should comply with data security and privacy regulations and use encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive data. The software should also have access controls and audit trails to monitor and track user activity.

eDiscovery software can use various tools, such as data processing and filtering, document review and analysis, predictive coding, data visualization, document production, legal hold management, and reporting and analytics, to manage electronic data during the discovery process.


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