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Transforming Businesses With Professional IT Service Management By Our Experts


We Have Experienced ITSM Developers-for-Hire

Chetu’s developers have the ability to engineer dynamic, customized IT service management solutions to help businesses succeed by automating cloud-based processes, optimizing problem management, and streamlining IT workflows with root cause analysis modules & real-time IT visibility.

ITSM Software Development

Our ITSM software addresses Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) infrastructure risks and challenges through third-party integrations and developing preventative maintenance applications to schedule, automate, and record tasks across multiple devices.

IT Procurement Services

Our IT procurement services include development for eProcurement/eSourcing efficiency enhancements and Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL) augmentation with integrations to service catalogs and service delivery automation workflows.

ITSM Programming Services

Our information technology experts program custom web-based service desk platforms for ITSM systems with secured Customer Service Request (CSR) management portals and contract management software for planning client resource allocations.

Custom ITSM Integrations

We integrate all of your systems together to create a unified & centralized IT platform that incorporates your current CRM, ERP, HRMS, analytics & reporting systems, financial operations & payroll management systems, digital marketing tools, and so much more.

SLA Management Systems

Our developers program custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) management systems and tools to handle site-specific SLAs, configure separate requests, ensure automatic assignments and assign task priorities based on predetermined parameters.

Root Cause Analysis Systems

We develop root cause analysis software for IT service continuity management planning, including integrated disaster recovery software with server restoration capabilities through automated data backups, private branch exchange re-establishment, and more.

ITSM Portal Block of Hours Support Services

With over 2,200 industry-experienced developers with extensive domain expertise and technical know-how to deliver superior IT support services through convenient, cost-effective Block of hours support services.

Technical & Non-Technical Portal Support

Chetu’s Block of Hours program is a cost-effective alternative to our standard flat-rate support offered to new, current, and past customers. Our dedicated ITSM agents are quick to relate and bring added value to your ITSM portal through our customization, integration, migration, and support services.

We offer technical and non-technical support services for all ITSM portals. Services are sold per 100 Block of Hours with reduced rates contingent on hours purchased. Our lowest rates are attained when utilizing our full-time, dedicated resource(s).

BoH ITSM Portal Support Services:

Custom ITIL Frameworks

We design customized IT Infrastructure Library frameworks that outline best practices for delivering IT services to automate and rapidly consolidate your workflows. We program features with user-defined dashboard customization and self-service ticketing, as well as provide third-party integrations with ServicfeNow, BMC, ZenDesk, Jira, and more.

Laptop displaying IT dashboard with statistic progress graph designed by Chetu’s ITSM solutions.

CMMS Software Solutions

We program Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to provide real-time automation for Domain Name System (DNS) workflows, project management, external requests, asset history records keeping, hardware inventory management, and more.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Solutions

We connect your business, security, and IT-related businesses systems to create a unified solution that monitors, manages, and maintains governance, risk, and compliance lifecycles, all while automating, simplifying, and protecting your data integrity.

Advanced Service Desk Analytics Solutions

We develop analytics-based service desk solutions to optimize IT productivity, automating service requests, incidents, problems, changes, asset tracking, budgeting, staffing, and every other daily IT operational task into customizable & intuitive “insight” reports.

Call Center Tracking Software Development

Our developers create ITSM tools such as call center tracking software, allowing enhanced customer engagement through Automated Call Distributor (ACD) modules, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) integrations, and enterprise workload management.

Predictive Maintenance Software Solutions

We design software to optimize infrastructure and incident management by integrating predictive analytics applications that conduct root cause analysis and detect possible failure patterns, enhancing both the quality and stability of the system.

IT Lifecycle Management Solutions

Chetu provides lifecycle management solutions like Asset Management Systems (AMS) software, application development for auto-discovery tools, metadata repository creation, and more to collect and store data as well as track license renewals for hardware/software.

Custom ITSM Incident Reporting Portal Features

We’ll custom develop or augment your current ITSM portal by implementing customized features and capabilities designed to deliver resilient IT services, track the time that it takes to fix an IT issue, and record all essential data on a single, cloud-based ITSM platform.

DevOps Management

We build and maintain your ITSM incident reporting platform/portal using automated technologies to reduce risks and minimize friction between IT operations and development.

Knowledge Management

We incorporate a time tracking module to measure the time it takes for IT professionals to locate, identify, and fix the problem so that organizations can optimize time management.

Time-Tracking Management

We incorporate a time tracking module to measure the time it takes for IT professionals to locate, identify, and fix the problem so that organizations can optimize time management.

Incident Management

With your custom incident management portal, users can make IT-related inquiries directly from their employee portal so that organizations can run smoothly without hassle.

Problem Management

We incorporate problem management modules designed to identify the root causes of issues and utilizing problem-solving processes to proactively prevent future disruptions.

Request Management

Request management modules provide employees with an intelligent and highly intuitive self-service portal that enables employees to make urgent IT service requests.

Change Management

Simplify the accelerated complex change request & management processes by automating the approval process while maintaining full control over all changes being made.

Asset Management

With asset management, users can track costs, oversee infrastructure & operations, manage field services, and more while informing inventory, stockrooms, and contract decisions.

Project Management

We incorporate a time tracking module to measure the time it takes for IT professionals to locate, identify, and fix the problem so that organizations can optimize time management.

Custom Enterprise Workflow Optimization

We unite your existing internal business systems into one simplified platform, connecting your enterprise, raising employee agility, and modernizing IT operations to transform your business.

IT Workforce

At Chetu, we help you connect your enterprise by creating a single, cloud-based platform that unites IT, risk management, and security operations, allowing IT operators to run secure, automated IT ticket service responses that can predict, prevent, and solve issues.

Employee Workforce

We implement self-service IT workforce modules that improve agility and raise company morale, providing a unified experience across your entire organization while empowering employees to retrieve the information they need in their preferred channels.

Remote/Hybrid Workforce

We integrate your in-house with remote access support tools and ITSM service desk systems to create a seamless supporting experience for remote workers, delivering detailed support session data & enhanced IT visibility across your IT infrastructure.

Custom ITSM Software Integrations

We integrate your internal business systems with leading IT service management software, including JIRA, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, IBM, SolarWinds, HaloITSM, and many others to ensure that your IT-related issues are serviced and fixed quickly.



Integrating JIRA, by Atlassian, with your current systems is perfect for collaboration and providing next-level automation, allowing team members to create a change request without approval.



With both ServiceNow ITSM & ITSM Professional versions to choose from, users can take advantage of the integrated platform’s knowledge and problem management features in a self-service portal.



With features for Knowledgebase, self-service modules, virtual customer assistance, live chatting & messaging, and more, integrating ZenDesk with your workflows is a no brainer.



Integrating the IBM ITSM platform into your current business systems provides you with end-to-end visibility, control, and automation of your IT-related workflows with ease.

SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk

We seamlessly integrate with SolarWinds Service Desk platform to offer ticketing, self-service incident reporting portals, and CMDB features available to all users at all times.



Our developers can seamlessly integrate HaloITSM into your current business systems to transform your current workflows into intuitive, real-time workflows flawlessly.

ITSM Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

ITSM, or IT Service Management, is the practice of overseeing end-to-end delivery of IT services. This includes designing, creating, delivering, and supporting IT services to meet customer needs and business goals.

ITSM software streamlines service delivery and communication. Examples: ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Jira, and IBM – orchestrating processes and help desks.

ITIL Service Lifecycle has 5 stages: strategy, design, transition, operation, and improvement. Structured approach for effective IT service management.

ITSM manages user services; ITIL offers best practices within ITSM, aiding service delivery.

AI revolutionizes service management by automating tasks, accelerating IT services, and enhancing user experiences. Through AI-driven programs like virtual assistants, chatbots, and automated processes, ITSM software achieves unprecedented efficiency and faster completion timelines, ensuring optimal service delivery.

The top ITSM framework is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), widely used alongside DevOps, Lean, and COBIT. ITIL focuses on enhancing IT delivery to support diverse business goals, making it a cornerstone of effective IT service management.


Drop us a line or give us ring about IT Service Management development. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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