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Metaverse Development Services


We Have Experienced Metaverse Developers-for-Hire

At Chetu, our expert metaverse development services support the technical and developmental needs of your Metaverse project. Using our technical expertise and proficiency in blockchain, alongside virtual & augmented reality gaming development, our expert gaming developers will build an interoperable Metaverse NFT marketplace, Metaverse application, decentralized platform, and other 3D virtual space to fit your unique business needs.

Metaverse Games Development

We develop future-ready Metaverse environments using blockchain technology, augmented & virtual reality, AI & machine learning, and full-stack programming to create single & multi-player Metaverse games, marketplaces, NFT trading opportunities, and more.

Metaverse NFT Development

We leverage blockchain-based technologies, NFTs, and various cryptocurrencies to create an all-encompassing virtual economy where users can trade products such as artwork, virtual real estate, vehicles, custom branded outfits, and many other assets via an NFT marketplace.

Metaverse NFT Marketplaces

We build robust Metaverse NFT Marketplaces where users can engage and interact with objects within the 3D virtual environment, as well as with “play-to-earn” gaming using in-game collectible (NFT) minting, trading, and purchasing/crypto value exchange.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Revolutionize your Metaverse gaming space with NFT tokenization, allowing users to gain total ownership of their assets within the Metaverse platform, and harness the power of NFT trading opportunities and benefits, including resale, royalty, and value appreciation.

Metaverse Application Development

Leveraging powerful 3D gaming engines, such as Unreal Engine and Unity, our NFT engineers and mobile app developers have the technical expertise combined with gaming industry experience to develop interoperable blockchain-based Metaverse apps.

Decentralized Platforms

Upon assessing your specific project requirements, including defining your UX/UI design, smart contracts, and front-end/back-end development, our development team will custom-build a decentralized platform designed for gaming, trading, and socializing.

We Use Blockchain Technology to Create Metaverse Virtual Ecosystems

We custom-develop blockchain-based projects and virtual ecosystems within a Metaverse environment, enabling users to access all types of NFT virtual products, collectibles, game rewards, and so much more, all available for purchase via crypto or digital currencies.

Blockchain Development

We use blockchain technology to provide enhanced interoperability, security, and ownership, creating blockchain-based decentralized platforms and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that enable users to create lucrative economic opportunities within a Metaverse environment.

Crypto Monetary Solutions

We build blockchain-powered monetary solutions to facilitate the secure trading, ownership, and storage of a wide range of cryptocurrencies supported by secure blockchain node-monitoring dashboards to monitor the live statuses of every crypto transaction.


We design your Metaverse gaming environment to incorporate a much more flexible virtual experience where gamers can create their own content, build subgames within a game, and modify their gaming experience directly from the platform.

Social Gaming Solutions

We incorporate single and multi-player gaming options to enhance the social aspect of the Metaverse gaming experience, adding different dimensions where players can invite friends from the real world, along with interacting with other players from around the globe.

Play-to-Earn Gaming

Play-to-earn gaming is essentially the lifeblood of the Metaverse virtual economic infrastructure, in which players can engage in profitable activities, like selling the assets (NFTs) that they’ve won inside the game to other users in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Payment Gateway Integration

To achieve the premium user experience, our expert developers will seamlessly integrate your preferred, ready-to-use payment gateway system to facilitate digital currency exchanges, as well as to regulate cryptocurrency & multi-currency transactions with ease.

Custom AR/VR Game Development for Metaverse Platforms

Whether you wish to live a second life via an interactive, immersive virtual gaming environment or take advantage of the many lucrative business opportunities associated with Metaverse NFT trading and NFT marketplaces, our developers build virtual reality (VR) spaces to create a virtual environment where everything is possible.

Virtual Reality Development

We utilize virtual reality (VR) tools and technologies to serve as a computing platform for the Metaverse world, designed to immerse the user into a 3D environment where they can interact with virtual objects and communicate with others via a microphone.

Augmented Reality Devices

We create parallel-reality digital platforms with lots of sensory effects experienced using AR/IoT-connected devices, enabling us to create a user-friendly platform where players can customize their avatars and even alter their landscapes and game world objects.

Mixed-Reality Experiences

When building your custom Metaverse platform, we leverage AR and MR technologies to provide a more natural, organic experience for the user, designed to offer a full-fledged virtual world with seamless, interoperable gaming and NFT trading workflows.

AI & Machine Learning

We leverage AI, machine learning, and context-aware systems to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world, primarily utilized to enhance our experiences and significantly improve our ability to communicate with others within the virtual world.

Virtual 3D Data-Driven Design

We utilize cutting-edge 3D mapping and modeling techniques to deliver high-quality, immersive, and detail-oriented 3D graphics, models, and virtual simulations based on real-time business data to allow businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Digital Twins & Simulations

Our Metaverse developers build digital twins, serving as exact replicas of populations, landscapes, buildings, living organisms, cities, department stores, factories, enterprise corporations/offices, and many other immersive virtual environments.

Custom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

We deliver NFT-centric/virtual goods trading Metaverse environments that are custom-tailored to your enterprise, enabling your target market to utilize your Metaverse platform as a great space for your NFT gallery/marketplace, thus maximizing your ROI and economic opportunities.

Metaverse Social Media Solutions

Our expert developers will develop and deploy your social media-centric Metaverse to offer next-level 3D environments for more realistic and interactive social engagement.

Metaverse E-Commerce/Retail Solutions

We develop retail Metaverse environments, fueled by blockchain technology, for the distribution of any type of virtual goods in the form of NFTs for nifty Metaverse shoppers.

Metaverse Real Estate Solutions

We create new branded real-estate Metaverse solutions that enable real estate brokers to list properties as NFTs, purchasable with cryptocurrency directly from the Metaverse.

Metaverse Casino Gaming Solutions

With a custom Metaverse casino gaming solution, players can interact with their favorite casino games, like slots, poker, blackjack, craps, and so much more using crypto.

Metaverse Events & Virtual Office Solutions

We design Metaverse platforms to incorporate custom modules for event planners & organizers to interact with one another through virtual offices, meetings, and more.

Metaverse Education Solutions

We’ll design a Metaverse education-centric solution that enables students & instructors to take full advantage of a next-gen level of teaching & learning within a virtual environment.

Custom Metaverse Gaming Development Services

Our developers, engineers, and programmers ensure that your Metaverse platform will be able to accommodate high levels of traffic without hindering quality or functionality using our specialized Metaverse gaming platform support methodologies.

Full-Stack Programming

Our developers are highly proficient in providing expert-level front-end & back-end development and use open programming language standards such as JavaScript, HTML, WebAssembly, WebXR, WebGPU Shader Language, and many others.

High Bandwidth Decentralized Network

Our developers leverage industry-leading web hosting solutions, like Microsoft Azure, to successfully host your Metaverse project on a decentralized network of computers while facilitating decentralized data transmissions and real-time connections.

Interoperable Media Standards

We use open and interoperable standards to support your Metaverse project’s 3D elements and applications, including 3D sequences, 3D scenes, and 3D items, plus interoperable standards for other media components, including vectors, images, audio, video, and text.

Crypto Payment Wallets

Using new-age token exchange technologies that combine data from decentralized exchange aggregators, DEXs, and market makers, we customize your crypto payment wallets and payment gateways to provide users with a convenient, global payment system.

Smart Contract Implementation

In order to facilitate permission-less and fully transparent payment transactions within your Metaverse gaming environment, our team will construct a comprehensive, in-depth smart contract designed for rendering more efficiency and security to your Metaverse.

Metaverse Maintenance & Upgrades

To ensure that your Metaverse network/nodes/smart contracts are always in perfect working order, functioning smoothly without lagging effects, and achieving ultimate usability & reliability, we provide maintenance and upgrade services with zero downtime.

Metaverse Development Tech Stack

Chetu utilized highly advanced blockchain technologies, 3D modeling, and mechanics engines to create immersive, engaging, and realistic graphics within a custom-developed digital economy for your Metaverse environment.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Our developers create stunning, photorealistic gaming experiences using Unreal Engine, creating digital twins for planning the Metaverse platform development and infrastructure optimization process so that gamers can achieve the ultimate Metaverse experience.



We leverage the Unity gaming engine to create a Metaverse environment designed for multi-player mode gaming, as well as for enterprise businesses to monitor infrastructure and data flows using 3D models using Unity’s real-time 3D virtual reality design tools.

Nvidia Omniverse

Nvidia Omniverse

We harness the power of Nvidia powerful 3D engine for engineers, urban planners, climate scientists, and manufacturing companies to run hyperrealistic simulations for modeling traffic flows, training employees, managing disaster responses, and more.

Metaverse Gaming Development Platforms

Whether you wish to create a highly immersive game like Fortnite or Minecraft, our developers have the industry experience combined with a rare skill set for building Metaverse gaming platforms with extraordinary game monetization opportunities, just like the popular Metaverse environments mentioned below.



Chetu developers have the rare skillset to build a Metaverse gaming platform just like Roblox, building a highly immersive world within existing AR/VR gaming technologies to enable players to customize their own second-life experience.



We can design a blockchain-based Metaverse environment just like Decentraland, where gamers can play-to-earn, socialize with other players within the same gaming environment, and even trade/purchase digital assets using a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum.



Meta is built upon a robust experiential world around the popular family of Oculus products (using $META tokens). We can build a Metaverse environment, much like Meta, where your monetization gaming platform will be built using custom crypto/digital tokens.

Epic Games

Epic Games

Best known for the ever-so-popular VR game, Fortnite, Epic Games has created a platform that allows artists to create their own Metaverse where gamers can make their own games and digital worlds. Chetu developers have the rare skillset to create platforms just like this.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

We’ll create a decentralized gaming Metaverse like Axie Infinity, where gamers can create their own avatars, pets, objects, environments, and engage in player-driven economic sectors where they can buy, sell, and trade gameplay-earned assets.



Our developers can design a virtual world, just like Sandbox, where players can play, build, and monetize their virtual experiences, providing a means to unleash their creativity and take full advantage of lucrative monetization opportunities within their custom Metaverse.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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