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Chetu Provides Top Embedded Software Solutions

Our embedded software engineers offer turn-key embedded system solutions, creating, testing, debugging, and validating solutions for various platforms and architectures, utilizing their expertise in computer science.

Embedded Software Development

Robust Software & Hardware Solutions

We design robust embedded software, firmware, middleware, and hardware systems using our deep domain experience and process-oriented approaches.

Web & Mobile Applications

We develop user-centric embedded web, mobile, and software applications with innovative user interfaces that enable seamless data migration.

Middleware & API Solutions

We develop middleware and custom APIs to enable end application development and functional integrations between separate programs.

Device Driver Development

Our software engineering offers expert-level device-driver development services, adhering to strict embedded operating system interface and quality standards.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Development

We design and integrate cutting-edge custom HMI solutions that enable full visibility and control over your embedded systems in real-time.

Human-Machine Interfaces

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

We deliver advanced multiplatform HMI hardware and software solutions for healthcare, automotive, industrial, finance & banking, agriculture, and other industries.

Hardware Design

We carefully select the most fitting hardware components to design a turn-key hardware system that allows for seamless graphical software integration.

Software Design

We design HMI applications and system-level HMI software for industrial equipment management and wearables/device monitoring.

Infrastructure & Ecosystem

We design and upgrade web or cloud-based HMI systems to create secure data storage environments while ensuring fast data collection.

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

We help you customize and optimize your current Linux-based system by completing a custom Linux development board support package (BSP).

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Board Support Packages (BSPs)

We set precise environmental parameters to create BSPs, ensuring successful operating system performance and full compatibility with embedded device hardware.

Bootloader & Linux Kernel Porting

We offer bootloader development and adapt the Linux kernel to work on an embedded platform through architecture and board porting.

Custom Device Driver Development

We build custom device drivers to bring up a board, provide updates to support new hardware specifications, and customize drivers with new features.

Root File Systems

We generate root file system contents to build programs that run on embedded systems, enabling them to boot, restore, recover, and repair them.

Embedded System Programming

We provide world-class, end-to-end embedded programming services for microprocessors & microcontrollers, device drivers, IoT devices, HIDs, M2Ms, and so much more.

Embedded Operating Systems

Our experienced embedded software engineers customize popular real time operating systems (RTOS), including Linux, FreeRTOS, VxWorks, QNX, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and more.

Embedded Technology Expertise

Our developers possess a strong working knowledge of programming languages, Embedded-C and Embedded C++, along with Java, Python, Rust, Ada, and more.

Linux Enterprise Expertise

We develop IoT and M2M solutions, including smart home appliances, industrial automation equipment, robotics, consumer electronics, and other advanced systems.

Internet of Things (IoT) Development

We develop IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, including smart home equipment, industrial automation mechanisms (IIoT), consumer electronics, wearables, and more.

Complex DSC & DSP Development

We provide digital signal controller and processor (DSC/DSP) programming solutions for industrial automation, AI drone technology, surveillance systems, and more.

Hire Experienced and Dedicated Embedded Software Developers

We revamp your existing custom embedded hardware or off-the-shelf solution, providing end-to-end design from concept to production.

Embedded Software Solution Development

Embedded Software For All Industries

Our expert embedded software engineers create embedded security, network, media streaming, and many other types of solutions for businesses of all industries.

Media Streaming & WebRTC Solutions

We successfully combine mobile, web, cloud, middleware, and system levels to build media streaming solutions for large communication hubs.

Embedded Security Solutions

We build embedded security solutions, including cloud gateways, hardware/firmware validation & verification systems, security tokens, and more.

Network Solutions

We engineer scalable network solutions that maintain high availability and connectivity with user devices, business units, and industrial systems.

Wearable Device App

Embedded Software Solutions

Our expert developers and engineers can handle all the architecting, programming, prototyping, and testing of your desired embedded software solutions.

Embedded Hardware Solutions

We program network equipment, consumer electronics, medical and lab equipment, on-board systems, POS terminals, and other hardware solutions.

Embedded Firmware Solutions

We program firmware and data-processing software that facilitates real-time data logging, analysis, and automated reactions.

Embedded Middleware Solutions

We develop middleware solutions to interconnect IT system components of a custom embedded device and interface it with other external third-party systems.

Embedded Software Developer Tools

Our expert embedded software engineers have many years of combined experience with popular embedded software developer tools.



We harness the power of PyCharm IDE when working with Python programming language to create embedded software systems.



We utilize WebStorm IDE when creating advanced-level JavaScript, CSS, and HTML embedded software solutions.

Qt Creator

Qt Creator

We leverage Qt Creator’s integrated library sets, APIs, and tools to create C++, QML, and JavaScript embedded devices.

ARM Keil

ARM Keil

We use the ARM Keil development tool to create embedded applications for a wide range of ARM-based embedded devices.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Our developers harness the power of Visual Studio to build embedded solutions, high-performance mobile applications, and more.



We use Eclipse IDE when working with Ada, C, C#, C++, Python, or PHP languages to create embedded automotive software.



We create JavaScript, CSS, and HTML embedded applications using NetBeans, which encompasses C, C++, and PHP tools.



We harness the power of MATLAB to create user interfaces, functions, graphs, algorithms, and more for embedded systems.



We leverage the open-source IDE Arduino to write and upload compatible programs and create interactive electronic objects.

Embedded Software Development: Frequently Asked Questions

Software that is integrated into a bigger system or device and is in charge of managing its operations is referred to as embedded software. It is usually not readily accessible by a user but is essential to the device's smooth operation. Medical equipment, automobiles, and consumer electronics are some products that use embedded software.

A software engineer who focuses on creating and implementing software for certain hardware devices is known as an embedded software developer. They create computer code that manages various machines' operations, including automobiles, home appliances, medical technology, and consumer electronics. They can optimize system performance and guarantee that the equipment functions properly thanks to their expertise in hardware and programming.

Developing embedded software includes writing code specially intended to manage the operations of a hardware component. This type of software entails creating an embedded operating system that can run on the hardware and creating machine code using programming languages like C and C++. The development process also entails testing, debugging, and optimization to ensure the program operates dependably and effectively. A real-time operating system is frequently needed in developing embedded software to ensure the device can react promptly and reliably to outside events.

AI is used more frequently in embedded systems to add sophisticated capabilities and boost efficiency. Embedded AI uses machine learning and deep learning techniques to create software that can give proactive and reactive intelligence depending on the data gathered by the device. The gathered data allows devices to adapt to shifting environments, improve performance, and even pick up on user behavior. Examples of embedded AI applications are voice recognition, object identification, and autonomous navigation in robots and drones.

While machine learning and deep learning are used in both artificial intelligence and embedded AI, there is a significant distinction between the two. Embedded AI, on the other hand, refers to software built directly into a hardware device, like a robot or a smart home device, as opposed to AI, which is often used to describe software that operates on high-performance computers in the cloud or servers. Because it needs to be optimized for the particular hardware and memory constraints of the device, embedded AI demands a different approach to development. Furthermore, real-time data processing from sensors is frequently involved in embedded AI, necessitating specialized algorithms and techniques to ensure accurate and effective operation.

Embedded systems can be divided into groups according to their use and capabilities. These categories include networked embedded systems, which are connected to other devices or systems and exchange data through a network, stand-alone embedded systems, which are self-contained devices with little to no connectivity; real-time embedded systems, which must respond to external events within strict time constraints, and mobile embedded systems, which are created to be portable and run on batteries. All of these sorts of embedded systems can benefit from the experience that a software developer can offer in creating a system that is suited to the particular needs of each gadget or application.


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