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Oil and Gas Software Development Solutions

Chetu creates fully integrated oil & gas software that connects upstream, midstream, and downstream operation processes in a fully loaded & comprehensive platform.

Custom Upstream Software Solutions

Chetu designs custom exploration & production (E&P) software solutions that help to boost productivity and minimize risks throughout the exploration, drilling, and extraction processes.

Oil & Gas Production Software

Our custom upstream oil & gas software solutions are built with geophysical modeling software, HDD directional drilling software, daily drilling report software, QHSE management systems, 3D visualization & simulation systems, and more.

Field Service Management Software

We engineer feature-rich field service management applications with built-in GPS functionality, multi-media capture capabilities, automated time & date stamping features, and more integrated within an all-in-one ERP system.

Oil & Gas Analytics Software

Our team programs automated production analytics & reporting modules for real-time forecasting, lifecycle tracking, volumetric readings/measurements, data management, analyzing trends, budgeting, and other production processes.

Land Management Software

Seamlessly integrate cloud-based land management systems (LMS) with your ERP system to optimize processes for capturing land agreements, automating workflows for lease & title analysts, land administrators, and other land professionals.

Custom Midstream Software Solutions

Chetu delivers custom oil & gas midstream solutions that offer superior end-to-end pipeline management by optimizing the supply chain & logistics requirements.

Automation Software Services

We provide solutions that automate midstream processes, including crude management, LNG & NGL management, contract & assets management, and more to keep vendors organized, simplify contracts, and optimize inventory management.

Oil & Gas Transportation Systems

Our custom transportation systems facilitate dispatching, telematics, GPS, dynamic route optimization, scheduled cargo tracking, communication, and more to streamline refined oil & gas transportation, storage, and wholesale processes.

Pipeline Performance Tracking

We program pipeline performance tracking & simulation software (PPTS) that seamlessly integrates with intelligent sensor technology for real-time data visibility, auditing of pressure & metering, environmental risk analysis, and other metrics.

Pipeline Management Solutions

End-to-end pipeline management solutions track transactions, including allocations, nominations, gathering, plan processing accruals, transportation, accounting, regulatory reporting, and more, viewed on customizable activity dashboards.

Custom Downstream Software Solutions

Chetu develops innovative oil & gas downstream solutions that help oil refineries and natural gas processing plants boost refinery performance, maximize energy trading, and effectively manage the downstream supply chain.

Refinery Scheduling Software

We implement refinery scheduling automation software that enables refiners to collaborate and respond to disruptions quickly while increasing production throughput by simultaneously scheduling all key activities within a single, unified platform.

Integrated Refinery Information System (IRIS)

Integrated with manufacturing execution systems (MEA), we build custom IRIS apps using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide full visibility & control of manufacturing processes from ordering & production inception to process control & output.

Downstream Supply Chain Management

Deliver customizable dashboards that provide full visibility of the entire SCM process from crude oil procurement to product distribution, incorporating supply/demand data, forecasting, backcasting, retro analysis, and other evaluation capabilities.

Oil & Gas Downstream Solutions

Incorporate robust supply chain and trading management systems equipped with solutions for EDI, inventory management, dispatching, asset tracking, purchasing operations, replenishment, and logistics to streamline operations from production to point of sale.


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